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Integrating the new with the old promotes a level of green building that Los Angeles and Southern California are just beginning to engage with. At Drisko Studio, we work to make existing buildings, and particularly historic buildings, be competitive in the marketplace, functional in our modern living, and integrated with the same benefits to people’s health and energy use as new construction. We view the challenges of working within an existing context as opportunities, not constraints, that revitalize and replenish the community.

At Scripps College, for the NEW Residence Hall dormitory Drisko Studio composed design elements and details reminiscent of the historic campus to make new environments that energize, sustain and provide for innovation and discovery within the historic context. Characteristic stonework, wrought iron, and tile paving integrates this new building with the campus; and, with gardens and landscaping the design provides a beautiful landmark within the Scripps College community.


Completed in 2016, the NEW Residence Hall provides student housing with courtyards, arcades and living spaces that evoke the rich architecture of historic Southern California.